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Transform your restaurant's menu instantly into a QR code

Would you also like to receive contactless orders? Create your own digital menu and go live right away. Contactless catering starts here.

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Welcome to our QR Code platform.

Change your paper menu card to a digital QR Code in couple minutes. No technical knowledge required!

Create a free account, create your menu, design your QR code and publish it online and offline. It's that easy!

Create your menu
Design QR & Download
Getting Live

Curious how this works? Scan the QR code below for a live demo!

No additional app required. The camera of your smartphone or tablet is sufficient.

No app needed

Customers can view the menu on their smartphones by simply scanning the QR code.


Leave the paper menus on the left and switch to ordering using a QR code.

Everything in real-time

Easily add new menu items or change the prices of your dishes.

Voordelen van QR-code digitaal menukaart
Online anytime, anywhere

By using the barcode, your digital menu is simply accessible anywhere within one click.

Higher table turnover

By saving time on your paper menus, you will spend less. This will increase your sales per table.

Quick and easy

You fill in the items on your menu yourself. No technical knowledge is required.

Membership Plan

Gratis voor 30 dagen

Features of Gratis voor 30 dagen
  • Unlimited Menu Categories
  • Unlimited Menu Items Per Category
  • Unlimited Scans Per Month
  • Allow restaurants to accept orders
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Main course

€6,49/ Monthly
€60,99/ Yearly
Features of Main course
  • 5 Menu Categories
  • 6 Menu Items Per Category
  • 1000 Scans Per Month
  • Allow restaurants to accept orders
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